Stranded - lessons learned

I ended up being stranded at the end of my holiday for an additional 4 days along with my fellow holiday makers. For someone who is very organised and always planning ahead, not having any control over the situation, knowing where you are going to be the next day, or when you were going home was very frustrating. BUT, I learned some valuable lessons from this experience which I would like to share with you: You can’t control everything in life. Therefore, you have a choice – you can choose to take it all in your stride as there is nothing you can do about it, or you can stay frustrated until it drives you crazy! You have to learn to let go. By letting go you free your energy and time to

Beat the winter blues

During the winter months we can experience the ‘winter blues’ and have a yearning to hibernate. Reduced number of daylight hours during these cold dark months can trigger seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which affects our levels of hormones (melatonin and serotonin). It is known as the winter depression and can affect our mood, concentration, sleep, appetite and also lack in energy. If you are travelling to/from work in the dark mornings/evenings, and don’t get outside during the course of the day, you have a reduced exposure to daylight during your working week which has an impact on your wellbeing. So, don’t wait for winter to pass you by to start feeling better. The first step is to re

6 top tips to manage anxiety

Anxiety can creep up on you out of nowhere. It feels as though you are being smothered with a permanent feeling of dread and your heart is pounding so much that you think it is going to stop. It makes you feel weak as a person and embarrassed that this is happening to you. Does this sound familiar? Well read on for some top tips as you shouldn’t suffer alone. Help and support is out there for you. The first step to recovery is acceptance to begin your journey to being well again, then follow these top tips: Surround yourself with a positive support network of family and friends and seek help from your GP and other sources. Breathing is key to calming the adrenals and feeling in control aga

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