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Life, Health & Career Coaching to make positive changes in your life and achieve your goals

One to one coaching to support you in making positive changes to get you where you want to be in life. With a compassionate and friendly approach to supporting you in all areas of your life, health and career to achieve your goals. 

We will set short-term goals to be achieved and clarify long term aspirations. Together we will build a working partnership based on trust.  During the coaching sessions we will challenge your thinking, give encouragement to overcome any limitations and provide tools and techniques to get the results you want to live a healthy, happy and successful life, and one that is lived with purpose.

​Supporting you to effectively address issues such as:

  • Improving your mental health, overcoming fear, anxiety and depression

  • Become more resilient and adapt to change

  • Dealing with major life events (e.g. moving forward from redundancy)

  • Career management

  • Achieve a work life balance, including managing remote working

  • Lifestyle management and creating new habits

  • Overcome the imposter syndrome, build confidence and self esteem

  • Finding your direction to live your life with purpose

​Sessions are conducted either online or face to face and supplemented with phone calls and emails as required. 

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