• Maria Mander

5 top tips to resist unhealthy snacks in the office

Everyone enjoys a treat at work, especially a cake to celebrate a colleague's birthday, but it is recognising when the treats are getting out of hand and an every day occurence. Here are 5 top tips to resist unhealthy snacks in the office:

1 KEEP THEM IN A CUPBOARD - out of sight, out of mind. You are likely to eat less because they are not in front of you.

2 ARE YOU REALLY HUNGRY? Ask yourself this question before reaching for a snack. Are you bored or just a stress eater?

3 EAT 3 BALANCED MEALS A DAY and fill up on fruit to avoid temptations and cravings.

4 KEEP HYDRATED - drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and will also stop you from overeating.

5 TEAM GOAL - set a goal as a team to eat more healthily and avoid peer pressure. Support one another.

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