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De-stress and let go

Frustrated because your train is running late again? Things will challenge us in life and there will always be ups and downs. That’s the journey of life. The stress that you are feeling right now though isn’t permanent, and the situation will change, just like the seasons.

Our emotions play a major part in how you interpret a situation. How you perceive and react to your current circumstances will determine the way forward. What one person finds stressful will mean something different to another person. Factors include personality, education, beliefs, attitudes and expectations.

When you are in a stressed state, you feel overwhelmed, unable to cope and not in control of a situation. It is mental state you experience when there is a mismatch between perceived demands -v- perceived ability to cope. Think if it like a set of weighing scales that loses it’s balance. When you are feeling stressed or something seems life threatening, the fight or flight response is activated, you prepare for a battle and your energy reserves kick-in. If stressed over a period of time though, this can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing.

So let’s just take a step back and look in on the situation from a different angle. There are always positives and a valuable lesson to be learned in every situation. For example, if your train is running late, accept the situation and let that frustration go. What is the worst that could happen? You will be late. So what!

Be in the moment and use that time wisely for yourself. I am sure you could do with some ‘you’ time. We are an ‘always on’ culture and rarely take time out, so use this as a great opportunity and check-in for you.

So sit on bench, relax and listen to some music on your phone. Music will elevate your mood.

Meditate to clear the clutter from your mind. Focus on your breathing, acknowledge any thoughts that come into your mind and let them float away. Observe what’s happening in your body and mind.

Practise a simple breathing exercise to calm the adrenals if you are feeling stressed. Simply breathe in through the nose for 3 counts, hold the breathe for 1 count, then breathe out through the nose for 3 counts.

Use the time to reflect on what’s happening in your life right now. What is going well and what isn’t? Which areas of your life require a bit of attention?

We are now a ‘heads down’ generation connected to our devices. Look up. Look around. Connect with your fellow passengers and make light of the current situation. You never know who you could meet…

Nothing is permanent so why worry! If you are having a bad day today, don’t worry for tomorrow is a new day. Worrying is a waste of your precious energy.

There are always solutions to problems and you always have a choice. Take it all in your stride. Let it go. Free your energy and time to focus on something better.

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