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Journaling to improve wellbeing

Writing a journal or a diary is therapeutic and a great way to offload your thoughts, feelings and experiences. It is a valuable tool for exploring and addressing any issues. By taking time out to write, it helps you to slow down, clear your mind and let go of any negative thoughts. Writing therapy reduces your stress levels, helps you to feel less anxious, therefore improving your mental wellbeing.

Effective journaling has many positive outcomes including:

  1. Improves your cognitive function.

  2. Boosts your mood.

  3. Increases self-awareness.

  4. The emotional release from journaling induces better sleep.

  5. Improves your decision making skills.

  6. Cultivates a positive mindset.

  7. Helps you to develop an attitude of gratitude and an appreciation for everything in your life.

  8. Brings vision to your life and propels you towards your goals.

  9. Sparks your creativity and gets your creative juices flowing.

  10. Brings you into a mindful state in the present moment.

To ensure your journaling is constructive:

  • Write in a private space, free from distractions.

  • Prepare your mental state before journaling. Be kind to yourself in your writing and use the experience to find solutions.

  • Make time and have the discipline to write at least once a day.

  • Be honest with yourself when you are writing. Be your authentic self.

  • As well as writing about your thoughts, feelings and experience, write about your vision for the future and what your biggest goals are.

  • Give yourself time to reflect after writing.

  • Your journal is for you alone, so must be kept private.

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