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Personal Desk

Tidy House, Tidy Mind

We offer a range of home PA services for busy execs to organise your life for stress free living, by taking care of things you never get chance to do at home after a long busy day at work.  Feel happier and calmer by coming home to an organised and tidy environment that you can relax in. Achieve a work life balance, and have more time for self-care and leisure, which will have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing.


Our packages are bespoke to suit your needs, providing a professional, reliable and trustworthy service.  We can provide a monthly service, or book a one off job, paying only for the time it takes to complete the tasks.  Our services cover Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

Home Management

  • Paperwork blitz and filing

  • Creation of a spreadsheet for household bills

  • Creation of a calendar for key dates

  • Research for quotes

  • Decluttering cupboards and wardrobes

Personal Concierge

  • Managing projects

  • Party planning

  • Shopping and product sourcing

  • Errand running service

  • Waiting for deliveries

Lifestyle Management

  • Achieve a work life blend

  • Become more organised and manage time effectively

  • Self-care and creating new health habits

  • Manage major life events

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