Workshops and webinars to support employee wellbeing

Providing a comprehensive package of workshops and webinars to support your wellbeing programme to develop resilient, high performing, well teams.  These informative, interactive group workshops provide facts and tools to improve the mind, health and performance of employees. Participants will develop a wellbeing action plan during the workshop.  All workshops are tailored to your specific business needs and bespoke sessions can be created. Workshops are delivered as a webinar or in the workplace.

We can also support your organisation with designing a wellbeing themed morning/day for your employees (e.g. mental health awareness) as well as your staff away days and conferences. 

Workshops to manage mental wellbeing 

in the workplace

  1. How to support the mental wellbeing of employees in the workplace (Managers workshop)

  2. Managing your mental wellbeing (employee workshop)

  3. Adapting to homeworking

  4. Be more resilient and manage stress

  5. Develop a positive mindset

  6. Mindfulness and meditation masterclass

Workshops to improve wellbeing to drive performance and success

  1. How to create a healthy culture and environment (Managers workshop)

  2. How to achieve a work life balance

  3. Personal effectiveness - improve time management and organisational skills

  4. Remote working - improving wellbeing for increased productivity

  5. Managing menopause in the workplace

  6. Overcoming imposter syndrome


(1 day course including certificate)

Learn how to develop a wellbeing strategy, together with an annual health awareness programme to support the wellbeing of employees and eliminate issues affecting bottom line profit.  The course will cover all elements of wellbeing including mental, physical, nutrition, sleep and financial, plus how to create an environment that reflects the values of the organisation and influences the culture.