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Stranded - lessons learned

I ended up being stranded at the end of my holiday for an additional 4 days along with my fellow holiday makers. For someone who is very organised and always planning ahead, not having any control over the situation, knowing where you are going to be the next day, or when you were going home was very frustrating. BUT, I learned some valuable lessons from this experience which I would like to share with you:

  1. You can’t control everything in life. Therefore, you have a choice – you can choose to take it all in your stride as there is nothing you can do about it, or you can stay frustrated until it drives you crazy! You have to learn to let go. By letting go you free your energy and time to focus on something better.

  2. Appreciate what you have. I always want my holidays to last as long as possible, but for first time ever, I couldn’t wait to get home. It was no longer a holiday but a daily waiting game. When I did get home, I appreciated everything so much more. I took notice of all the little things around me. I enjoyed my home comforts. I felt grateful to see my family and friends. We often take things for granted and need to stop once in a while to appreciate what we have.

  3. Live for today. You don’t know what could happen tomorrow so why worry about it? Living in the moment gives you awareness of being in the present, therefore, not living in the past or worrying about the future. Worrying is such a waste energy and doesn’t achieve anything. Embrace each challenge and learn from it. Live for today and enjoy it!

  4. Resilience and the human spirit can see you through. I witnessed the willingness to overcome obstacles by people tapping into their inner strength to find their own deeper resilience. It was wonderful how everyone came together to work as a group to share information and keep everyone’s spirits high. By working as a team and helping each other you can achieve so much more.

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