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Spring clean

Spring is always a time of new beginnings and come out of winter hibernation. It is a great opportunity for decluttering your life, home/office and your mind. Dispose of all that unwanted clutter. A disorganised and untidy home/office depletes your energy too.

With the lighter evenings, the days seem longer and motivate us to do more. Therefore, it gives us chance to do the chores we put off. Start by decluttering your home/office and give the items you no longer need to a charity shop or have a car boot sale. Be ruthless with your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn something in 5 years, or it no longer fits, get rid! Your home should be a calm environment to relax in and slow down, so create that space.

If you work indoors and sat down for most of the day, ensure you get out in the evenings, soak in the sunlight and release those feel good endorphins.

What about your life too? If something is no longer serving you, it is time to let go. Letting go takes courage and is sometimes painful, but once you do, you realise that it wasn’t that scary after all and wish you had done it sooner.

Not only will a spring clean get rid of any unnecessary clutter, but you will feel lighter, happier, more organised and in control. Decluttering gives you that space in your life and brings calmness to the mind. Happy spring!

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