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Time for a holiday

A holiday is all about re-charging your batteries, relaxing, having fun, new adventures, seeing new places and opening yourself up to new experiences. It is a time when we can spend quality time with family, loved ones and friends. So put away your electronic devices and re-connect with yourself.

Life review

We often get stuck in a rut and feel uninspired with our daily 9-5 routine. A holiday is a good time to step back and reflect. Review what’s happening in your life and see if there are any changes you need to make upon your return.

1 Career/job – are you still enjoying it? Does your job give you a sense of purpose? Are you progressing? Getting a good work/life balance?

2 Wealth – do you finances need reviewing? Need to clear debt? Earning enough money? Planning for the future?

3 Family/Friends – do relationships need to be improved? Feeling connected? Surrounded with a supportive network of friends?

4 Partner – are you spending quality time together?

Understanding each other’s needs? Happy and having fun together?

5 Hobbies/fun – are you making time for hobbies? Doing the things you want to do? Enjoying life?

6 Personal space – are you making time for yourself? Relax in the evenings? Reflect on your day – what has gone well and what hasn’t? Invest in personal growth?

Health benefits

The sunshine always makes us feel better. Going on holiday helps to alleviate symptoms of depression and lack of sunlight is thought to trigger seasonal affective disorder (SAD syndrome). Therefore, exposure to sunlight tops up our vitamin D levels which helps to strengthen the immune system.

Our diet on holiday is much healthier as we tend to eat less processed food. Instead we enjoy freshly cooked food containing an array of seasonable vegetables and exotic fruits.

A holiday is the perfect opportunity to catchup on sleep which has a positive impact on our general wellbeing. Resting helps us to relax, restore our energy levels and clear the mind which improves our mental performance.

Holidays are good fun and having a good laugh can strengthen the immune system by releasing endorphins, the body's natural 'feel-good' chemicals. I always say that ‘Laughter is food for the soul’…

A change of routine stimulates creative thinking and the best ideas happen outside the office. Steve Jobs imagined a 1,000 songs in his pocket – an idea that changed the world!

So make the most of your holiday. Re-charge, re-connect and have a fabulous time!

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